Hologram Live Streaming

The all-new holographic solution, that allows you to broadcast live events in real-time, featuring 3D holograms of presenters, performers, or speakers.

Scale your capability

Present at events, share your knowledge and inspire people in multiple locations all at once.

Bring the interaction

Whether it’s answering questions in real-time or delivering powerful pitches, the possibilities are endless

Increase your impact

Connect with audiences across the globe in the most innovative way without the need to travel.

How it Works

Introducing the all-new Holographic Live Streaming
HYPERVSN Holographic live streaming it’s a remarkable innovation that is both
proprietary hardware and software to capture video of a person and represent him/her
as a hologram.
• Broadcast live events in real-time
• Feature 3D holographic performers & speakers
• Answer questions & demonstrating products


Showcase your brand’s creativity & innovation with cutting-edge technology.

  • Content Creation

    Our in-house design team can facilitate your content wether its 3D or 2D

  • Platform management

    Let us do the hard work and manage your locations

  • Custom Development

    Blow your customers minds with futuristic & interactive solutions created by or Developers


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